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Council on State Taxation gives high marks to Arkansas on annual score card

picture of a 1040 tax form

Arkansas tied for fifth place on the Council on State Taxation (COST) 2016 Scorecard of Tax Appeals and Procedural Requirements. Arkansas, which was also named “Most Improved,” was given a ranking of B+ on the COST Scorecard, which evaluates state statutes and rules that govern the degree of taxpayer access to an indepen­dent appeals process and treatment of procedures that impact taxpayers’ perceptions of fairness and efficiency.

This is a strong showing for the state and a substantial improvement from previous rankings thanks to legislative approval of Act 896 in 2015. Arkansas adopted sev­eral reforms, perhaps most significantly by eliminating “pay to play” in circuit court by providing taxpayers the option of filing suit for relief from a final assessment or determination without paying the proposed tax, penalties, or interest.


Additional improvements included making the statute of limitations for assessments and refunds more consistent, providing additional time for filing state corporate returns, and improving transpar­ency by requiring publication of redacted legal opin­ions and administrative decisions. 





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