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Georgia-Pacific Crossett Facility Recognized for Energy Savings

 photo of Georgia Pacific signGeorgia-Pacific’s Crossett Paper Operations have been recognized by its parent company, Koch Industries, for achievements in reducing electrical power consumption.

In 2015, the Crossett mill reduced energy use by more than 11.7 million kilowatt hours (kWhs), which is equivalent to the annual electrical consumption of 1,080 U.S. residential utility customers.

Rick Robertson, Georgia-Pacific energy leader, said Koch Industries challenged all its companies a few years ago to make strides in reducing energy consumption.

“We accepted that challenge here at Crossett and began exploring ways to achieve efficiencies and reductions,” said Robertson. “Some of those tactics included common sense approaches such as using more energy efficient lighting, while others required a more analytical approach.”

One such success was achieved through the reconfiguration of a piping system on a paper machine. Where once the machine was using five, 700-horsepower vacuum pumps, the operations team at the Crossett mill re-engineered the machine using four vacuum pumps, turning the fifth into a spare. 

“Energy conservation is a part of our stewardship focus here in Crossett,” Robertson stated. “We are intentional in our efforts, which has been proven during the past three years of achievement. It not only impacts our bottom line but is good for the environment as well. I recently attended an energy conference in Wichita, Kansas, to learn about other opportunities.”

Since 2013, Georgia-Pacific Crossett has saved more than 32 million kWhs in electricity, which is enough to power 3,000 average American homes at an average size of 2,000 square feet.

“This is an important initiative, and we are extremely proud of the efforts of Rick and the entire mill team,” said Mike Hohnadel, vice president of manufacturing for Crossett. “I’m very appreciative that Koch Industries recognized his work.”

Energy initiatives at Georgia-Pacific will continue in the coming years.

“For 2016, we are on pace to save approximately 14.5 million kWhs,” said Robertson.

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