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Governor Asa Hutchinson launches new brand for the state’s economic development efforts

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (February 4, 1016) – Governor Asa Hutchinson and Arkansas Economic Development Commission Executive Director Mike Preston today announced the launch of “Arkansas Inc.,” a new and innovative brand campaign to recruit companies to Arkansas while encouraging those already here to continue to grow in the state. The announcement came as part of Governor Hutchinson’s remarks to the Arkansas Economic Developers’ winter conference in Little Rock.

Aimed at executive decision makers and site-location consultants, the “Arkansas Inc.” brand makes known the thriving Fortune 500 companies doing business in the state, as well as the countless success stories of relocating and expanding businesses. The “Arkansas, Inc.” branded moniker is accompanied by the tagline “Good company,” telling a story of momentum that when you do business in Arkansas, you’re in very good company.

The advertising campaign featuring “Arkansas Inc.” begins immediately and includes a strong digital marketing presence along with targeted ads in several trade and industry publications. Overall campaign goals and key performance indicators revolve around a tandem strategy of brand awareness and lead generation.

“When I ran for governor, I promised the people of Arkansas that I would do everything I could to bring more jobs and economic growth to our citizens,” said Governor Hutchinson. “In order to continue growing our economy, it is imperative that we tell our story effectively to business leaders and site- location consultants around the world. ‘Arkansas Inc.’ is a very succinct way for us to communicate that we are in the business of growing business and that our state stands ready and able to compete in a rapidly evolving, high-tech worldwide economy.”

 “When it comes down to it, the State of Arkansas operates like a business, and ‘Arkansas Inc.’ better reflects that,” Preston said. “Businesses operate leaner, faster and more focused – because they have to. If we want to grow business in Arkansas, we need to tell businesses we understand their needs and can address those needs quickly and decisively. That’s what Governor Hutchinson is striving to do as the chief executive officer of Arkansas and what AEDC is aiming to communicate as we revise executive job titles from government agency descriptions like Deputy Director to more business-minded roles like Executive Vice President. And these are precisely the key messages we will be striving to convey through ‘Arkansas Inc.’ ”

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