Arkansas Economic Development Commission


Governor Hutchinson streamlines state government

First nine months in office produce company expansions, more investments, and new jobs

Since January, Governor Asa Hutchinson has taken a business approach in leading the state of Arkansas. Operating leaner, faster and more focused, through a streamlined state government process, Governor Hutchinson has passed a number of forward thinking initiatives and restructured state government.

"We may be located in the middle of the country, but we're doing big things," said Governor Hutchinson. "During my time in office it's most important that we position and promote Arkansas as a global choice for locating or expanding business, equip our residents to be a workforce ready for industry's next challenges, and leverage our assets as a state."  

Among the legislation passed during the first nine months in office was a strong workforce bill to provide companies with an enhanced talent pool. Hutchinson also passed the nation’s first Computer Science Initiative that mandates coding curriculum in every public high school. Finally, the Governor streamlined what is already one of the nation’s most fiscally responsible state budgets, granting the leverage to act quickly and decisively on corporate needs. 

More expansion, more investment, and more jobs for Arkansas have been a few of the promises kept and those outlined in a series of infographics below.