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Hope completes Prospect Readiness Education Program

 city of Hope

Hope has successfully completed the requirements for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s (AEDC)  Prospect Readiness Education Program (PREP).

PREP offers communities hands-on training in all aspects of the economic development prospect visit. The program provides local economic development teams with the necessary training and resources to properly prepare for, execute, and follow-up on prospect visits to their respective communities. To date fifteen Arkansas communities have completed the program.

“The Arkansas communities that have completed PREP are always well prepared with information and tools when it comes to working with prospective companies,” said Mike Preston, executive director of AEDC. “Small details matter in the site-selection process. Hope now has an advantage over competitors as local leaders know the steps it takes to successfully work a new location or expansion project. I encourage any Arkansas community interested in economic growth to reach out to our community development team to learn more about this valuable program.”

Through PREP, community leaders in Hope have:

  • Promoted teambuilding and cohesion among community leadership that will have a role in the site-selection process for future economic growth.
  • Enabled the community to be better prepared for future prospect visits.
  • Provided tools and resources necessary to help make Mountain Home more competitive during the site selection process, particularly the site visit.
  • Encouraged its local leaders to be more proactive in the site selection process by developing local incentive programs.
  • Learned about the site selection process from start to finish.
  • Developed comprehensible and achievable strategies that can be used during local site visits.

"The process of going through the training from AEDC has been beneficial to our local team in refining our presentation on community assets,” said Steve Harris, president of the  Hempstead County Economic Development Corporation. “We learned practical tips on handling prospect visits, being organized and prepared to showcase our community."

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