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Protyping Services

Do you need help with concept development, CAD, Prototyping, Manufacturing, or Marketing?

Prototyping Services

Innovation Hub 

AEDC-MS partners with the Innovation Hub to help inventors, entrepreneurs and manufacturers design, prototype, build, test and deliver new products. Together we have completed successful projects with a variety of companies and inventors, and we work closely with some of Arkansas’s best designers and engineers to meet the needs of our clients. Through the joint collaboration we are able to guide clients from product idea to commercialization.

Our Process

  • We receive a request for direct prototyping services.
  • We arrange a meeting with the client to establish the needs and objectives.
  • Based on the idea for a product, we will write a estimated quote/proposal.
  • If the client agrees to the quote, they’ll submit a written approval.
  • As the project moves forward we keep the client informed of the progress (The client can visit us at the Hub to watch a print or the latest design in SolidWorks, for example.)
  • We follow up to ensure complete satisfaction.


Manufacturing uses smart tools like CNC Mills, Injection Molding, and Laser Cutters, to automate and multiply the manufacturing process. Mass manufacturing is designed to create tens of thousands of a product. 

3D Design






But, what if you only need a hundred or so items to launch your business? That’s “micromanufacturing“, it uses many of the same automated tools as big industry, on a smaller scale. CNC Mills, Laser Cutters, and the injection molding processes are performed by 3D Printers. It uses fewer resources more efficiently and lets you decide how much product you need, when you need it. It’s a combination of old world craftsmanship and 21st Century technologies.

Visit The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub to see examples of our work and to see how micromanufacturing can help you scale your business.


Phil Plyler

Manager of Client Services

(501) 683-4410