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External Evaluation

Arkansas NSF EPSCoR projects are evaluated by Kirk Minnick and Associates (External Evaluator) and the External Advisory Board (EAB) which is composed of senior researchers and scientists from a number of applicable disciplines. The EAB is comprised of seventeen individuals who are either members at large or are part of a Technical Advisory Committee that form consultant groups for the research of the three centers.

External/Technical Advisory Board Members

The advisory board for the Center for Advanced Surface Engineering is still being formed. Stay tuned for updates.

Previous EAB Members:


Dr. Jim Coleman
Member at Large - Board Chair

Dr. Richard Bissell
Member at Large - Team Member


Dr. Sheila Bailey
Dr. John Hopkins
Dr.. Lawrence Kazmerski
Dr. Paul Sharps
Dr. Peidong Yang
Dr. Kent Chapman


Dr. Joseph Chappell
Dr. John Howard
Dr. Joel Cuello
Dr. Brenda Winkel
Dr. Robin Buell
Dr. Greg Caswell


Dr. Greg Caswell
Dr. Johan Enslin
Dr. Karen Forsten
Dr. Meyya Meyyappan

FERPA Regulations

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