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Staff & Faculty

Arkansas NSF EPSCoR Central Office

Tom Chilton

Division Director, Science and Technology


Cathy Ma

Program Administrator, Arkansas NSF EPSCoR

(501) 683-4422

Jennifer Fowler

Director of Education, Outreach, & Diversity for Arkansas NSF EPSCoR

(501) 683-4419

Dr. Steve Stanley

Program Director, Arkansas NSF EPSCoR

(501) 683-4408

Center Leadership & Supporting Faculty

The Arkansas NSF EPSCoR Executive Management Team is headed by Program Director, Dr. Steve Stanley who serves as the Principal Investigator (PI) for the Arkansas RII Track-1 Award. Dr. Stanley is responsible for overall program management and works with Cathy Ma, Program Administrator and Jennifer Fowler, Director of Education, Outreach & Diversity out of the Central Office at AEDC.

The Central Office team also relies on campus administrators to assist in inter-university collaborations, reporting and strategic planning related to the project. These representatives work to ensure project implementation and information flow between campuses and the EPSCoR Central Office.

The project's Scientific Steering Committee is made up of two co-leads from each of the four research components and the cyberinfrastructure component. Any questions related to the Center for Advanced Surface Engineering research can be directed to the appropriate co-lead below.


Cellulose Team

Mechanical Team

Tunable Team


The Scientific Steering Committee and Executive Management Team receive the support of an External Advisory Board and Industry Advisory Board.

State Science Advisory Committee

The State Science Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the Board of the AEDC Division of Science and Technology, making recommendations for strategies, research focal areas and partnerships that will benefit the state of Arkansas, help accomplish the mission of the AEDC Division of Science and Technology and align with the goals of targeted federal sponsors.

The complete list of members can be found on The Committee Page.