Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Science and Technology

Empowering Start-Ups and Visionaries

The Division of Science and Technology at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission is the driving force behind the commercialization of job-creating research.  The primary objective of the division includes the development of the infrastructure to support the groundbreaking research conducted in Arkansas, which in turn leads the way to the successful launch of vibrant entrepreneurial and innovation companies. 

Tom Chilton

Director, Science and Technology
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Arkansas EPSCoR

Arkansas participates in the National Science Foundation’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). The EPSCoR program is designed to foster collaborative research efforts among the state’s higher education institutions, promote workforce development, and conduct educational outreach.


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Entrepreneurship Partners
Arkansas Capital Corporation Group

A privately held group of for-profit and non-profit corporations that advocates for entrepreneurs through capital, educational and technological improvements. The AEDC partners with ACCG on the annual Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup and Youth Entrepreneur Showcase business plan competitions to promote entrepreneurial education and to fund new start-up businesses. 

Arkansas Innovation Hub

A nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing innovative and entrepreneurial activity in Arkansas by creating a collaborative ecosystem and pipelines that mobilize the resources, programs and educational opportunities necessary to develop, attract and retain talent and to build the state's economy. 

Arkansas Risk Capital Matching Fund

Works to strengthen and advance the financial infrastructure that supports and accelerates the growth of technology-based enterprises in Arkansas. 

Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center

The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center is a university-based economic development program that assists entrepreneurs, both new and seasoned, with every aspect of business creation, management, and operation and offers specialized services for tech-based ventures.

Arkansas Venture Center

Facilitates growth of startups, entrepreneurs and technical talent through experiential programs, mentorship, partnerships and the celebration of success. 

Innovate Arkansas

A program of AEDC and Winrock International that works with new, technology-based entrepreneurs to turn inventions and high-tech concepts into viable businesses, in an effort to create high-paying Arkansas jobs in the knowledge, technology and information-based industries. 

Technology Incubators

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission supports several technology incubators throughout the state.

Arkansas Biosciences Institute Commercialization Center

The Arkansas Biosciences Institute is an agricultural and medical research consortium dedicated to improving the health of Arkansans.

Arkansas Research and Technology Park

Stimulating a knowledge-based economy in the state of Arkansas through partnerships that lead to new opportunities for learning and discovery, that build and retain a knowledge-based workforce and that spawn the development of new technologies that enrich the economic base of Arkansas.

University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) - BioVentures

UAMS BioVentures was established as a formal outgrowth of the university's interest in translating its research into products that benefit human health. 

Research and Development Tax Credits and Incentives

Tax credits are intended to provide incentives for donations to universities, university-based research, in-house research of several kinds, and research and development in start-up, technology-based enterprises. It is important for the applicant to understand the different incentives and to select the most appropriate for the eligible research and development activity.

Seed Capital Investment Program

The Seed Capital Investment Program (SCIP) can provide working capital to help support the initial capitalization or expansion of technology-based companies located in Arkansas. The program can provide working capital up to $500,000 of the company's total financing needs. Investments made by the SCIP fund are repaid through a royalty based agreement.




Technology Development Program

The Technology Development Program (TDP) provides royalty financing for qualified projects possessing a well-developed, comprehensive project plan, and which utilizes the benefits of science and technology to provide economic and employment growth potential in Arkansas.

The maximum investment is $100,000 and is repaid through a royalty based agreement but the agreement will expire automatically after 10 years.





Technology Transfer Assistance Grant (TTAG) Program

The Technology Transfer Assistance Grant (TTAG) Program provides limited financial support for the transfer and deployment of innovative technology to Arkansas-based enterprises.TTAG grants are awarded to the technology transfer resource provider. The resource provider must possess the capability to locate and transfer innovative technology into the specified Arkansas enterprise. In certain cases, to be determined on a case-by-case basis, the resource provider could be the company requesting assistance if they have the capability to locate and transfer the innovative technology. The technology being transferred must resolve a company's technology-based problem, issue or concern. For more information or an application, please contact Stephanie Johnson at .