Arkansas Economic Development Commission


How Arkansas Became a Leader in the Steel Industry

September 25, 2017

AEDC highlights steel production in ArkansasSince the land was first discovered, the fertile soil of the Arkansas Delta has produced crops that feed and clothe the world. Rice, soybeans, wheat and cotton are staple commodities grown in abundance by generations of family farmers.

Arkansas Banks Among Top Performers in the Nation

September 22, 2017

“The state’s reputation for high-performing companies and fast-growing solid companies has certainly changed over the years,” said George Gleason, CEO of Bank of the Ozarks. “It’s clearly understood that the Arkansas banks that are publicly traded are among the best banks in the country and are doing business at a very high level all over the country.”

Amendment 82 Sets The Stage For Super Projects

September 21, 2017

AEDC Amendment 82In 2003, Arkansas came up short on an opportunity for a $750 million Toyota truck plant. A site near Marion in Crittenden County in east Arkansas was selected and considered a prime location because of its access to the Mississippi River and major east-west and north-south interstates. Toyota, however, chose to locate in San Antonio, TX. Arkansas’ shortcoming was that it couldn’t muster enough incentives to close the deal.

Professional Development Programs Expand Skilled Workforce in Arkansas

September 20, 2017

Arkansas Economic Development Commission discusses Arkansas' workforce readiness and training programsThere are many opportunities for professional development in Arkansas. In an ever-changing global marketplace, the one factor any state can count on is the skill level of its emerging and existing workforce. Here in Arkansas, we are teaching a generation of workers to meet the needs of businesses by equipping students with workforce training opportunities statewide. 

Tourism in the Natural State Ushers in Economic Growth

September 19, 2017

Arkansas Economic Development Commission highlights Arkansas' Tourism IndustryEvery state has a story to tell. For Arkansas, that story is enriched by the people and places around the state that make Arkansas unparalleled for the thousands of visitors who visit each year – many of whom eventually find their own stories entwined the state’s rich cultural history. 

Competitive Financing Options Make Arkansas an Attractive Option for Business

September 15, 2017

Arkansas Economic Development Commission is committed to helping new and expansing businesses with cost-efficient financingThe Business Finance Division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) facilitates competitive financing options to assist businesses with the purchase of land, buildings, technology and equipment to expand operations and provide substantial employment opportunities in Arkansas.

Arkansas Ranks 2nd in U.S. for Nonfarm Job Gains as Civilian Labor Force Nears All-Time High

September 6, 2017

According to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Labor, Arkansas experienced the second-largest percentage gain in year-over-year nonfarm employment. This increase lead to the addition of nearly 33,000 jobs to an economy with a near-record number of workers coming into the state’s labor force. Oregon was the only state to surpass Arkansas in the percentage of year-over-year percentage increases in nonfarm employment. The news reaffirms that Arkansas has an ever-growing job market with more companies bringing jobs to the state.

Arkansas Forestry Industry Manages Wildfire Threat

August 18, 2017

The wood basket of the world is made up of 13 states in the southeast United States, and two territories, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This southern group of foresters works together to produce more commercial timber than any other region in the world. In order to remain the top producer, professional foresters have to manage the forests across the south and protect them from the dangers of wildfires.

Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering Adding to High-Tech Forestry in Arkansas

August 16, 2017

Arkansas is leading the way in advanced-technology forestry. The timber and forest-products industry is often thought of as being a low-tech industry, but in reality, it is anything but. The use of cutting-edge developments like nanotechnology, chemical engineering and computer programming, has transformed the way timber is harvested and how products are produced from raw materials.

Arkansas Timber Industry Focuses on Eco-Friendly Forestry & Management

August 15, 2017

In order for the timber and forest products industry in Arkansas to succeed and thrive, those in the industry must continue to work together to provide healthier, sustainable forests. Forestry is a long-term production process that involves landowners, foresters and regulatory agencies.