“Why Arkansas?” Video Shines Light on Business Opportunity

 March 18, 2019

It’s not hard to see why some of the top companies in the world are choosing to put down roots in Arkansas. From timber to technology, Arkansas draws in businesses from every industry. Fortune 500 companies like J.B. Hunt, Walmart and Tyson Foods are just a few of the Arkansas-grown organizations that have brought best-in-the-world talent to the state in retail, supply chain management, packaged goods, data analytics and more. The state produces a high-quality workforce that has the training needed to drive better performance and productivity. In fact, under the pro-business leadership of Governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas was the first state to mandate computer coding training in public schools. It’s just one way Arkansas is setting the bar when it comes to education and workforce training.

And when it comes to your company’s bottom line, Arkansas has the lowest cost of doing business in the U.S.1 The state provides companies with the support and incentives needed to thrive. Entities like the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) help new and expanding companies find their place inside the Arkansas economic ecosystem. State leadership is also available to assist in any way to help Arkansas businesses succeed and grow.

Not only is Arkansas a breeding ground for business growth and opportunity, it is a wonderful place in which to live and work. With the third-lowest cost of living in the nation2 and a high quality of life, Arkansas attracts qualified professionals from all over the world. Businesses are able to attract and retain top talent because once they get here, they don’t want to leave.

Watch our “Why Arkansas?” video and learn firsthand from business leaders why choosing Arkansas was the right decision.

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2 Council for Community and Economic Research: 2018 Annual Cost of Living Average