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Arkansas Site Development Program

The Arkansas Site Development Program is intended to provide matching funding for site development improvement activities that will enhance industrial site readiness and competitiveness for job-creating projects.


Who can apply?

Eligible applicants:

  • Cities, towns, and counties in Arkansas
  • An economic development organization 
  • A chamber of commerce

What sites are eligible for consideration?

Greenfield industrial sites
Minimum of 30 acres contiguous land
Only one site per applicant 
Owned or optioned by an eligible applicant (optioned land must be owned by the applicant by the time the grant agreement is executed)
Listed on the Arkansas Site Selection Center Database

What kinds of site development projects are eligible?

Extension and improvement of public infrastructure to the site
Right of way acquisition necessary for the eligible project
Easement acquisition
Soil borings and analysis
Construction costs for site improvements including but not limited to:
  • Drainage improvements
  • Easements
  • Dozer or dirt work
  • Grading
  • Site mitigation
  • Site rehabilitation
Costs associated with site due diligence studies
Other site development related activities deemed necessary by the Commission to improve a site’s competitiveness

What kinds of site development projects are NOT eligible?

Purchase of property (except right of way or easements necessary for the site development project)
Principal and interest on any financed debt
Lease payments
Salaries or benefits for employees
Marketing or advertising
Routine site repair and maintenance
Expenditures incurred prior to the grant award


What are the matching fund requirements and what is considered a matching fund?

An eligible applicant must invest a match that is at least a minimum of 5% of the overall project cost estimate. The matching fund can be in the form of cash, in-kind donations, or a combination of both. Cash matching funds can be in the form of funds appropriated by the local governing body or invested by an economic development organization, nonprofit or for profit entity. In-kind matches can include professional or skilled labor donated to support the site development project activity identified in the application. 

Click here for the full program rules. 


Application Process

How can I apply?

Interested applicants should submit their intent to apply for the Arkansas Site Development Program by August 1, 2024. After the intent to apply form is submitted, applicants will receive a unique link to submit your application and supporting documentation.

When will the application be open?

  • Applications Open: June 10, 2024 
  • Express Intent to Apply and Receive Application Link: June 10, 2024 through August 1, 2024
  • Deadline to Express Intent to Apply: August 1, 2024
  • Applications Close: September 2, 2024
  • Notice of Award: November 2024

How many sites will be selected?

The number of sites and amount of funding awarded will be determined by the program demand. 
Depending on the volume of eligible grant applications, applicants may not receive the entire amount of grant funding requested.


Bethany Duncan

Operations Manager, Business Development

(501) 682-7376

Steve Jones

Building & Sites Coordinator

(501) 682-7311

Olivia Womack

Director, Business Development

(501) 682-5275