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A True and Helpful Partner

A True and Helpful Partner

The Business Finance Division of Arkansas Economic Development Commission facilitates competitive financing options to assist businesses with the purchase of land, buildings, technology, and equipment to expand operations and provide substantial employment opportunities in Arkansas.

By remaining a true and helpful partner with business, we've created one of the nation's most reliable economies. As a result, new and expanding businesses can access a wide variety of state and federal funding sources such as Amendment 82, Bond Programs, Community Development Block Grant and Equity Investment Tax Credit. AEDC also connects investors with a variety of funding partners for additional financing opportunities.

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Reducing the Cost of Doing Business

The Business Finance Division is committed to the goal of supporting eligible Arkansas businesses’ access to the most cost-efficient financing available. This access may be achieved through one or more of AEDC’s financing programs and/or those provided by our financing partners. AEDC and its partners have programs designed for a wide variety of business and to both early-stage and well-established companies.