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At AEDC, we know economic advancement doesn't happen by accident. We work strategically with businesses and communities to create strong economic opportunities, making Arkansas the natural choice for success.


As part of the American Land of Opportunity, Arkansas will be the country’s premier location to work, live, learn and play, ensuring economic prosperity for all her citizens.

Key Characteristics

  • Dedicated - We are committed to working with excellence to fulfill the mission.
  • Collaborative - We believe in the power of operating as a team to overcome the challenges of economic development.
  • Forward-Thinking - We pursue opportunities to advance Arkansas' economy for the benefit of current and future generations.

Core Values

  • Leadership - We provide inspiration, empowerment, and guidance towards a shared vision.
  • Integrity - We value honesty and doing what is right in all situations.
  • Accountability - We operate in an efficient, responsible, and transparent manner.