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What is the Program? 

By The U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded each state that applied a $1 million statewide planning grant with American Rescue Plan Act funds. This funding enables a variety of state economic development initiatives to chart a coordinated path forward as their economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission is managing the statewide planning grant for the State of Arkansas. As part of the grant, AEDC will be contracting with a third-party consultant to perform site analysis and economic impact studies.

What is the Program's Goal? 

The goal of the program is to identify sites that have strong potential, analyze the challenges of the site, and create a roadmap for improving the site to be shovel-ready for targeted industry projects. 

Who Can Apply?

Communities with an eligible site may apply to be a part of the program. The application may be submitted by local economic development groups, Chambers of Commerce, local elected officials, or other stakeholders.

Where Can I Find The Application? 

Visit this page for applications, documents, and further information for the Arkansas EDA Statewide Planning Grant. 

How Will Sites Be Selected?

AEDC will evaluate each application based on the eligibility requirements and community application questions. Sites that do not meet the eligibility requirements will be disqualified.

What is the Cost?

The grant program will cover expenses for the consultants' time, travel, and supplies for the site analysis and economic impact. The grant program will not cover expenses related to community preparation of site documents.

Why Should My Community Apply?

Each site that is selected to be part of the grant program will receive a final report presented by the consultants that will include each site's strengths, weaknesses, and a roadmap to improve the site. The report will also include an in-depth economic impact analysis of the site with possible targeted industries. Your community will have an actionable plan to take your site to the next level, allowing you to focus your chances of landing a competitive project. This is expected to lead to an increased number of site visits and to decrease the time that sites remain on the market before being occupied by companies that will create jobs for Arkansans.

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