The mission of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission is to create economic opportunity by attracting higher paying jobs, expanding and diversifying our state and local economies, increasing incomes and investment, and generating positive growth throughout Arkansas. Arkansas is a pro-business environment operating leaner, faster and more focused through a streamlined state government designed to act on corporate interests quickly and decisively. Come join us in this amazing business venture we call Arkansas Inc. With six homegrown Fortune 500 companies and countless other business success stories, you’ll be in good company.

Michael Preston, Executive Director


Clint O’Neal

Executive Vice President of Global Business


Amy Fecher

Executive Vice President Of Operations


Jeff Moore

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications




We create vision, inspire others, and strive for excellence.


We deliver quality work with transparency and efficiency.


We conduct ourselves professionally with honesty and mutual respect.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are stewards of our citizens’ money and time.


We work together internally and externally to exceed expectations.


We strive for superior performance and measurable outcomes to achieve our mission.


The Arkansas Economic Development Council is composed of 16 members appointed to four-year terms by the governor. These appointments are made with the advice and consent of the Arkansas Senate. At least three members are from each of the four congressional districts, and four members are appointed at large.

Jim F. Andrews, Jr.

Rick Barrows

Jay Bunyard

Wayne Callahan

Mike Carroll

Tom Denniston

James Freeman

Al Heringer III

Steve Lux

Deana Osment

Tracey Rancifer

Mike Roberts

Ken Shollmier

Gary W. Sewell

Jim Smith

Lang Zimmerman