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Tech Companies Finding Success in Arkansas

When it comes to economic development in the technology sector, Arkansas is rising. With the second-lowest cost of living in the country and business incentives for technology-based organizations, the state is attracting companies from around the world and bringing in a skilled workforce to fill high-tech jobs in cybersecurity, fintech, retail, supply chain and more.


Accelerator programs around Arkansas are designed to foster the growth of startup companies through education, mentorship, and resources. 


Arkansas is proactively fostering a skilled workforce that meets the needs of technology companies located in the state. 

  • Arkansas has taken innovative steps towards prioritizing computer science education as the first state to mandate coding education in schools. 400% more high school students are in computer science courses as a result of Arkansas’ “Learn to Code Initiative.”
  • The University of Arkansas system offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in Computer Science and Engineering with concentrations in digital systems, intelligent systems, networking and communications, and systems analysis.
  • The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) offers an Information Quality Track of the Integrated Computing Ph.D. Program, and the Emerging Analytics Center (EAC) at UALR offers data analytics and data visualization to provide solutions for Big Data.

Technology Companies in Arkansas

Tech Talent & Leaders are Choosing Arkansas

See what tech companies like Apptegy, Casestack, Elyxor, Cobbler Media, and Startup Junkie have to say about making Arkansas their home.

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At AEDC, we know economic advancement doesn’t happen by accident. We work strategically with businesses and communities to create strong economic opportunities, making Arkansas the natural choice for success. Here are some examples of businesses that are thriving!

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