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Frito-Lay Success Story


Frito-Lay announced in March 1996 that Jonesboro was chosen as the site of the company’s first manufacturing plant and distribution center in Arkansas. At the time of the groundbreaking, company leaders expected to create about 700 plant jobs and provide almost $4 billion of economic value to Arkansas over 10 years. 


As Frito-Lay’s only Arkansas-based site, the Jonesboro location today makes many of the site’s core brands and continues to grow to meet demand – adding lines and new capabilities to serve more than 30 states nationally. 


In 2015, Frito-Lay announced another expansion that would help create about 30 new jobs and expand its facility by almost 80,000 square feet. The geographical engineering solution warehouse includes investment in “high technology distribution equipment” that will package orders and prepare them for shipment automatically when a retail customer places an order.


Currently, Frito-Lay’s Jonesboro plant employs 790 full-time associates and produces more than 707 million bags of snacks annually.

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Company: Frito-Lay

Fast Fact:  Today’s plant is classified as a “zero landfill,” meaning the facility sends less than 1 percent of its waste to landfill and it is LEED certified.