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Lower Taxes Mean Bigger Advantage for Arkansas

 September 20, 2023

Arkansas has cut taxes again in 2023, which will make our state more competitive than ever.

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Infographic: The Aerospace & Defense Industry in Arkansas

 June 07, 2019

The Aerospace and Defense industry is a major part of the Arkansas economy. Our workforce is strong, with multiple major companies operating here.

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Arkansas: Heart of The Nation’s Wood Basket

 September 07, 2018

Arkansas is a leading lumber-producing state, and timber companies in Arkansas are committed to helping maintain an extensive and reliable wood source...

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Forestland: An Arkansas Abundance

 September 05, 2018

Arkansas forests are extremely valuable, both as a natural resource, and as an economic one.

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Map of the Month: STEM Education in Arkansas

 May 01, 2018

Arkansas students are enrolling in STEM higher education programs at significantly higher rates than ever before.

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Map of the Month: Most Major Investments Land Near Interstates

 March 26, 2018

To keep our business development staff informed about investments taking place in our region, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission collects an...

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Technology is Changing Education and the Workforce Landscape in Arkansas

 March 09, 2018

Nationwide, there were nearly 10 times as many open computing jobs as there were computer science graduates in 2017. As more and more of the economy b...

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Arkansas Offers Incentives, Grants and Rebates to Businesses

 December 13, 2017

As a business-friendly state, Arkansas has a lot to offer companies wanting to open, expand or relocate to the state. From cash rebates to community g...

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Arkansas: Heart of the Nation's Wood Basket

 June 29, 2017

To maintain the forests of the future, there must be a commitment to long-term sustainability and stability of economic growth and production. The tim...

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The 'Wood Basket' of Arkansas

 May 04, 2017

Surging economic development and dozens of new jobs are coming to the state of Arkansas because of the influx of companies seeking to take advantage o...

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