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Hytrol Conveyor Company Success Story


Hytrol Conveyor Company is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of technologically advanced material handling and automation systems for a variety of industries. The company, headquartered in Jonesboro, AR, is experiencing rapid growth due to the global increase in e-commerce and the demand to move more products, faster.


Hytrol is facing a complex workforce development challenge as the company scales to meet increased demand. Developing and retaining talent is crucial to the success of businesses in Northeast Arkansas.


Hytrol is actively building a cohesive network of relationships with educational stakeholders around the state of Arkansas to develop future talent. Simultaneously, Hytrol is developing innovative internal programs to enhance and retain existing talent, including a leadership development program developed in partnership with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Manufacturing Solutions division.


Hytrol’s collaboration with educational stakeholders is the foundation of a robust employee pipeline to the company. In addition, Hytrol has taken steps to formulate internal programs that address talent retention and growth. Overall, Hytrol is contributing to the growth of the economic ecosystem in Jonesboro, the Northeast Arkansas region, and the state.

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Hytrol Conveyor Company

Company: Hytrol Conveyor Company

Fast Fact: Hytrol is the largest conveyor manufacturer in North America.