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While the majority of the bioscience companies in Arkansas are small research and testing laboratories that employ between one and 10 people, the state has a significant base of industries and research laboratories involved in agricultural-related bioscience, a growing biomedical base and a major employer in medical equipment and supplies.
Agricultural biosciences in Arkansas include Riceland Foods, the world's largest miller and marketer of rice and Tyson Foods, the world's largest producer of protein products including chicken, beef and pork. Tyson operates a food-safety laboratory near its Springdale headquarters, which provides the latest technology in food testing and research.
The largest medical devices and equipment company in Arkansas, Baxter Healthcare Corporation - a subsidiary of Baxter International - is located in Mountain Home, employs approximately 800 and produces health care products such as dialyzers, disposable blood containers and disposable IV containers.

UAMS Arkansas BioVentures and its Technology Licensing Office translates University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences research into products that benefit human health and offers companies access to university resources and a business incubator facility.

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BioVentures is an incubator from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. UAMS understands the role of innovation in the 21st Century Economy and has become a key innovator in the state.

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square foot biomedical research laboratory with 700 employers including 170 PhDs at NCTR

Safety Goggles

5million dollar

expansion of Tyson Foods' state-of-the-art food safety laboratory in Springdale, AR

Medical Books

425million dollars

completed in expansion projects