Arkansas Timber Success Story: Domtar Corporation

 October 16, 2018

Domtar Corporation, a leading provider of a wide variety of fiber-based products, has emerged as a leader in the timber industry since its expansion in Arkansas. The company’s Ashdown Mill has steadily grown in size to become one of the largest paper and fluff-pulp producing facilities in the world.

Like many companies in the timber industry, finding a location to open or expand operations was a task Domtar couldn’t afford to take lightly. The company wanted to expand its presence in a growing business that would allow them to support their top-tier supplier position with some of the world's largest producers of absorbent hygiene products.

In 2014, the company began its search for a new location. Domtar wanted to expand operations in North America with a goal of generating $300 million to $500 million of EBITDA from growth businesses by 2017, and to improve sustainability practices by 2020.

Domtar Corporation completed a major expansion of its manufacturing mill with the startup of a newly converted fluff-pulp operation in Ashdown, Arkansas. The conversion was the largest capital project in the company’s history. From technology to sustainability, Domtar’s Ashdown Mill has changed the way the timber industry operates.

Learn more about Domtar’s success in Arkansas by downloading our case study. In it, we dive deeper into the company’s history and what led them to choose Arkansas, as well as discuss the significant impact the mill has had on the timber and forest-products industry in the state and across the region.