Capitalizing on Momentum in 2020

 January 16, 2020

In Arkansas, we’re starting the new year and a new decade with an incredible amount of momentum. Economic Development is a team sport, and the Arkansas Department of Commerce is honored to be a part of this winning team.  We are very thankful for the men and women who lead companies in our state. From Fortune 1 to entrepreneurs in every corner of the state – you are the ones putting Arkansans to work and putting Arkansas on the map as a top business location.

To the Arkansas workforce: you have built our state’s reputation as one that gets the job done with excellence. Your hard work, grit and productivity have given companies the confidence to locate and expand in Arkansas, providing more and better paying jobs for our friends and neighbors.

Over the last five years, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission has worked with companies that have committed to collectively investing more than $10 billion in capital investment in our state. Because of the confidence that companies have in doing business in Arkansas, some 105,000 more Arkansans are working today as compared to January 2015. That’s more Arkansans working than ever before. 

To continue strengthening the workforce pipeline, the Arkansas Department of Commerce is rolling out an industry-led training program called Future Fit.  After the completion of a successful pilot class at UA-Fort Smith, Future Fit will be implemented at 10 additional college campuses in 2020.  This 96-hour course, designed by world-renowned manufacturing firms here in Arkansas, prepares job seekers for the opportunity to begin a career in manufacturing while providing companies and community colleges an opportunity to collaborate in the areas that are needed most in each region of the state.

We look forward to more projects in 2020 with our economic development partners across the state. From manufacturing to corporate services, transportation to technology, our team at the Arkansas Department of Commerce will continue to market the state as a location where companies will be valued, will benefit from a great business climate, and have access to a workforce with the skills and work ethic to get the job done.

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Blog post contributed by:

Mike Preston
Secretary of Commerce, Executive Director
Arkansas Economic Development Commission

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