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Technology is Changing Education and the Workforce Landscape in Arkansas

 March 09, 2018

Nationwide, there were nearly 10 times as many open computing jobs as there were computer science graduates in 2017. As more and more of the economy becomes embedded with technology, coding education must become more robust to help meet the demand for workers trained in the tech industry in Arkansas. 

The vast majority of software developers in the United States work outside Silicon Valley, and technology jobs in Arkansas continue to become more plentiful. To stay ahead of the curve, Arkansas became the first state to mandate coding education in high schools, and it has seen a significant increase in the number of students graduating with a computer science degree in just five years.

Arkansas has the three things most needed to foster opportunities for technology businesses: an accelerated focus on coding literacy, growth in venture capital investments, and a low cost of living. 

Check out our infographic to see how innovative education reform makes Arkansas a leader to watch in the technology and coding workforce.

 Arkansas Technology Workforce Education Infographic