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Governor Sanders and State and Local Leaders Welcome ExxonMobil’s Investment in Arkansas Lithium

 November 13, 2023
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined ExxonMobil and state leaders today to announce that the company will drill its first lithium well in Arkansas, making an early investment in what could be one of the largest supplies of lithium in North America. Governor Sanders and other Arkansas leaders applauded the company’s development of the Natural State’s lithium sector.

“South Arkansas is our state’s all-around energy capital, producing oil, natural gas, and now, thanks to investments like ExxonMobil’s and their combination of skills and scale, lithium,” said Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “My administration supports an all-of-the-above energy strategy that guarantees good, high-paying jobs for Arkansans - and we’ll continue to cut taxes and slash red tape to make that happen.”

“Arkansas is blessed with an abundance of lithium deposits. Investments in capturing this mineral will enhance economic growth in the region and boost America’s domestic energy production,” Sen. John Boozman said.

“Southwest Arkansas has the capabilities to be a leader on the global stage for lithium production. Investments like ExxonMobil’s will position the Natural State to play an active role in easing our dependence on our foreign adversaries for this mineral, which plays a major role in much of our daily lives. This announcement has the opportunity to bolster our state’s lithium sector, ushering in new jobs for Arkansans and a broad economic impact on the 4th District,” said Representative Bruce Westerman (AR-04).

Representative Steve Womack (AR-03) said, “When we utilize what’s under our own two feet, we can create jobs, expand our economy, and make life more affordable for Arkansans. ExxonMobil’s lithium well will enhance the Natural State’s role in achieving American-led energy innovation and help curb inflation caused by high energy prices.”

“This is a pivotal moment in the global race to have access to critical minerals. Once again, Arkansas is blessed to have abundant resources that offer the United States a secure, strategic advantage in the materials of the future economy,” said Representative French Hill (AR-02).

“We are grateful to ExxonMobil for their investment in Arkansas,” said Hugh McDonald, Arkansas Secretary of Commerce. “We look forward to the continued growth of the South Arkansas economy as more companies benefit from our natural resources and our hard-working people.”

“We are proud to welcome ExxonMobil to Arkansas. With Exxon’s role in the state’s lithium industry, we look forward to seeing our communities thrive with great job opportunities for Arkansans,” said Clint O’Neal, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. “The economy in Arkansas is strong, and thanks to this investment by ExxonMobil, South Arkansas is poised for significant growth.”