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Seed Grants

The CASE Seed Grant Program invited scientists throughout Arkansas to identify emerging or transformative areas of research in alignment with CASE scientific focus and support one or more of the CASE goals, but did not overlap current CASE projects. Awards ranged from $20,000-$50,000 over a one to two year period. 

Past CASE seed grant awardees include:

Dr. Makenzie Long, University of Central Arkansas
 “Molecular Modeling of DNA Adsorption to Functionalized Surfaces”

Dr. Keith Roper & Dr. Fiona Goggin, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
“Materials for Agricultural Resource Imaging Analytics at High-Resolution (MARIAH)”

Dr. Ruben Ceballos, Dr. Shannon Servoss, & Dr. Nagayasu Nakanishi, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
“Tunable Surfaces for Culturing Jellyfish Neurons”

Dr. Robert Coridan, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
“Multifunctional Surfaces Based on the Chemical Modification of Photoelectrochemically-Patterned Cu2O Thin Films”

Dr. Shanzhi Wang & Dr. Qingfang He, University of Arkansas Little Rock
“New topical antimicrobials: engineering glucose oxidase on the surfaces of metal catalyst-conjugated nanoparticles to generate hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals”

Dr. Xianghong Qian & Dr. Ranil Wickramasinghe
“3D Surface Engineering for High Capacity Responsive Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography”

Dr. K. Bao Vang-Dings, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
“Characterization of Tunable Nanosystems’ Impact on Immune System Function”

Dr. Xiangbo Henry Meng, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
“Develop Novel Multifunctional Surfaces Using Highly Tunable Atomic Layer Deposition”

Dr. Sergei Nikitin, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
      “SPASER-based Tunable Surface for Biomedical Applications”