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CHIPS+ Act Resources

Arkansas is uniquely positioned to compete for opportunities related to the CHIPS+ and Science Act. AEDC is leading a working group to coordinate efforts across public, private, and academic sectors throughout the state. Many of the state's key industry sectors are reliant on a secure domestic supply of microelectronics, including aerospace and defense, metals and advanced manufacturing, and logistics.

This page will be updated regularly. For more information, please contact [email protected]

General CHIPS+ Information

Click here to view the CHIPS+ Act website.
Click here to read a 20-page summary of the CHIPS+ Act.
Read a blog on how the CHIPS+ Act can impact Arkansas here.

EDA Tech Hubs

Click here to view the EDA Tech Hubs Program page.
Click here for a contact form for those interested in applying to the EDA Tech Hubs Program.

NIST Incentives Program

AEDC is leading a collaborative proposal submission to the NIST Incentives for Commercial Fabrication program. AEDC will submit the proposal on behalf of a consortium of companies who want to apply for these incentives, and will work closely with companies to develop custom competitive packages of incentives and grants from the state and relevant municipalities. A webinar was held on May 9 discussing the NIST solicitation and AEDC effort. The link to the 30-minute recording is included below, as well as the slides used during the event. Interested companies should contact [email protected]

  • Watch a recording from AEDC'S NIST Incentives Program webinar (May 9, 2023) here.
  • View the slide deck for the NIST Incentives Program webinar here.

NSF Regional Innovation Engines

Arkansas received a Type-1 Development award under the NSF Regional Innovation Engines program, led by Dr. Joe Thompson and the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement. The project, Advancing Equitable Access to Food and Health Technologies in the Delta, involves a broad network of collaborators across Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana who will work to develop an Innovation Engine and ultimately transform the regional economy. For more information, please visit the project's website: https://achi.net/nsf/

View the NSF Regional Innovation Engines Program site here.