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Growing the Aerospace and Defense Workforce

Education is crucial for growing the aerospace and defense industry in Arkansas.

Across Arkansas, there are 45 colleges, universities, and two-year colleges, with many providing coursework, certificates, and degree programs in aerospace-related fields. Five educational institutions offer aviation maintenance technology certifications, including both Powerplant and Airframe mechanic career education.

In total, more than 2,100 engineering-related certificates and degrees are awarded annually in Arkansas.

The defense industry is supported by robust cybersecurity education offerings. In Arkansas, 21 colleges, universities, and two-year colleges, all high schools, and several other organizations offer coursework, instruction, or degrees in cybersecurity.

AEDC works to grow Arkansas’ industrial workforce through a variety of statewide initiatives, training programs, and partnerships. AEDC provides connections to other state agencies and educational institutions to ensure that industry partners’ needs are addressed.


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