Arkansas’ unemployment rate hit a record low of 3.4 percent in July 2017 and has stayed below the national unemployment rate of around 3.7 percent.

Arkansas’ principal industries are agriculture, business services, forestry, manufacturing, tourism, and transportation logistics. Additional interesting sectors include aerospace and aviation, biosciences, data, distribution and logistics services, firearms and ammunition, healthcare, paper and timber products, smart grid technologies, software development data management services, and steel production.

The startup scene in Arkansas is booming. A strong talent pool, a growing number of incubators and accelerator programs, and available funding and incentives have created a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs of all types.

Capitalizing on Momentum in 2020

 January 16, 2020

Arkansas Secretary of Commerce, Mike Preston, discusses capitalizing on the economic development momentum created in 2019 as we enter a new year and a...

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“Why Arkansas?” Video Shines Light on Business Opportunity

 March 18, 2019

From timber to technology, Arkansas draws in businesses from every industry. Executives share why being in Arkansas is good for business.

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Is Future Fit The Right Fit For You?

 January 29, 2019

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) collaborated with 10 companies in western Arkansas to launch a pilot skills gap workforce program ...

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Arkansas' Advantages in the Food and Beverage Industry: Comparisons within the Region

 November 30, 2018

In an effort to show Arkansas’ competitive advantages to businesses looking at the southeastern region of the United States, this article compares Ark...

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Infographic: Arkansas is ripe for food and beverage manufacturers

 October 31, 2018

Our latest infographic highlights Arkansas’ top food and beverage manufacturers, looks at the current industry workforce, and so much more...

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Arkansas Prepares The Next Generation of Food and Beverage Industry Leaders

 August 01, 2018

Arkansas has a wide range of education and training programs available for people working or intending to work in the food and beverage industry. Here...

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Three State Programs Designed to Strengthen Arkansas’ Workforce

 March 23, 2018

Though the debate over whether or not a four-year college degree is the right choice for everyone rages on, it is without question that every Arkansan...

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Technology is Changing Education and the Workforce Landscape in Arkansas

 March 09, 2018

Nationwide, there were nearly 10 times as many open computing jobs as there were computer science graduates in 2017. As more and more of the economy b...

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Mississippi County, Arkansas, is Primed for Steel

 February 09, 2018

Mississippi County is the fourth-largest steel-producing county in the United States, and local leaders are taking the initiative to ensure the growin...

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Arkansas is Committed to Workforce Training

 November 11, 2017

Preparing homegrown talent to fill high-paying jobs in Arkansas is a must. As a follow up to our post about developing the talent pipeline through qua...

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Arkansas is Committed to its Talent Pipeline

 November 09, 2017

A state’s economic future is only as strong as the children it raises and the workforce it develops. When evaluating a state for business potential, t...

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Businesses Search for Ways to "Hook" Top Tech Challenge

 October 18, 2017

With growing competition for the best technology workers, it’s vital for companies to understand how to recruit and retain top talent. It all comes do...

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Arkansas Inc Podcast - Workforce Priorities for Business Development

 October 03, 2017

Danny Games, Executive Vice President of Global Business for Arkansas Economic Development Commission, discusses the workforce impact on business deve...

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Professional Development Programs Expand Skilled Workforce in Arkansas

 September 20, 2017

There are many opportunities for professional development in Arkansas. In an ever-changing global marketplace, the one factor any state can count on i...

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Training the Timber Trade in Arkansas

 June 08, 2017

The forestry economy is deeply integrated in Arkansas. Every new job in the timber industry creates 2.5 jobs in the state, and forest industries provi...

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Whatever your background and passion, Arkansas can put you to work. Six Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here, and 125 Fortune 500 companies have operations within the state.


Whatever your background and passion, Arkansas can put you to work. Six Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here, and 125 Fortune 500 companies have operations within the state.