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Arkansas is Career Ready!

A portable credential based upon the WorkKeys® assessments that demonstrate to employers that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills required for 21st-century jobs

The Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a portable credential that confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic workplace skills in reading for information, applied mathematics, and locating information. Even if a job seeker has a GED, high school diploma, or post-secondary degree, the Arkansas CRC further verifies that he/she can handle skills required for 21st-century jobs. To date, the Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate program has qualified more than 59,000 high-skilled positions.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Reduces turnover, overtime, and waste while increasing morale
  • Takes the guesswork out of selection decisions
  • Improves the effectiveness of training dollars
  • Meets the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements
  • To learn more about the Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate program, visit the Department of Workforce Services website.