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Arkansas Named #4 Top State for Inbound Movers in 2023

 February 01, 2024

Arkansas continues to be one of the top states for inbound movers in the country.

United Van Lines recently named Arkansas as the #4 state for inbound movers in its 2023 Annual National Movers Study. This report is based on household moves handled by United Van Lines’ parent company UniGroup within the continental United States. The rankings were determined using the inbound and outbound percentages of the moves in each state.

According to the United Van Lines study, Arkansas had a 60.1 percent inbound move rate.

Of those who moved to Arkansas, 32 percent moved for job-related reasons, while approximately 20 percent moved to be closer to family and 16.5 percent moved to the Natural State for retirement. In addition, 7.2 percent moved for lifestyle reasons, 6.2 percent moved for health-related reasons, and 5.2 percent moved for cost-related reasons.

The study also provided an age breakdown of those who moved to Arkansas in 2023. The largest age group moving to Arkansas was the “55 to 64” age group, which constituted 27.4 percent of the inbound movers, and the second-largest inbound mover group was the “65 or older” group, which made up 26.2 percent. The “<18 to 34” and the “45 to 54” age groups both had an inbound move rate of 16.7 percent, while the “35 to 44” age group represented 13.1 percent of Arkansas’ inbound movers.

Almost three-quarters of Arkansas’ inbound movers reported $100,000 or more in income. The study showed that 40.3 percent of the inbound movers reported $150,000 or more in income, and 31.9% reported $100,000 to $149,999 in income. Of the remaining inbound movers, 9.7 percent reported $75,000 to $99,999 in income; 12.5% reported $50,000 to $74,999 in income; and $5.6 percent reported $0 to $49,999 in income.

This is United Van Lines’ 47th Annual National Movers Study. The company has conducted the study since 1977.

Arkansas has been a hub for inbound movers in recent years. For the 2021-22 calendar year, HireAHelper named Arkansas as the top state for inbound movers in its annual migration report. The following year, Arkansas was named the #5 state for inbound movers by percentage.