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Arkansas EPSCoR

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The mission of Arkansas’s NSF EPSCoR program is to strengthen research and education in science and engineering in Arkansas.

Arkansas NSF EPSCoR’s goals are to provide strategic programs and opportunities for Arkansas participants that stimulate sustainable improvements in their R&D capacity and competitiveness; and to advance science and engineering capabilities in Arkansas for discovery, innovation and overall knowledge-based prosperity.

Arkansas NSF EPSCoR’s objectives are to:

  • Catalyze key research themes and related activities within and among Arkansas’s research community that empower knowledge generation, dissemination, and application;
  • Activate effective statewide and regional collaborations among academic, government and private sector stakeholders that advance scientific research, promote innovation and provide multiple societal benefits;
  • Broaden participation in science and engineering by institutions, organizations, and people within and among the State of Arkansas;
  • Use EPSCoR support for development, implementation, and evaluation of future programmatic experiments that motivate positive change and progression.

Arkansas EPSCoR Impact Reports

2022 NSF EPSCoR Report