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Project Evaluation

The Center for Advanced Surface Engineering (CASE) Track-1 project is externally evaluated by Kirk Minnick and Associates. Minnick developed the evaluation plan at the beginning of the project and produces an annual evaluation report that is submitted to the National Science Foundation as part of the annual reporting process. 

Track-1 projects are also reviewed by an External Advisory Board (EAB) which is composed of senior researchers and scientists outside the state from related disciplines. The EAB also submits annual reports with recommendations which require a response from the central office and is then is filed with NSF.

NSF evaluates the project independently twice during the project, with a reverse site visit during Year 2 where a delegation will travel to NSF and present the project’s progress to an outside panel. In Year 4, the project completes a site visit with representatives from NSF and an outside panel onsite in Arkansas.

The CASE reverse site visit took place in March 2017 in Arlington, VA and the site visit took place in September 2018 at the Inn at Carnall Hall in Fayetteville, AR. Both reviews were successful and resulted in good recommendations from the panels and the release of funds from NSF.