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Supporting Innovation

The Division of Science & Technology fosters the growth of innovative companies, and products through the use of grants, investments and tax incentives. Incentives are available to businesses that foster high tech, high wage, and high skill jobs and tech-based startup companies with the potential to scale quickly.


Technology Transfer Assistance Grant

SBIR Matching Grant

Business & Technology Accelerator Grant

Investment Funds

Technology Development Program Investments

Seed Capital Investments

Tax Credits & Incentives - Research & Development

R&D Tax Incentives Program

Centers for Applied Technology

How High-Tech Companies Use Investments

Ozark Integrated Circuits has received TDP Funding and Targeted In-House R&D Tax Credits to develop integrated circuits using advanced materials.
SurfTec has received TDP Funding and the SBIR Matching Grant Program to develop high performance low-friction surface technology.
Movista has received SCIP Funding and Targeted In-House R&D Tax Credits to commercialize software to manage remote mobile workforces.