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The Division of Rural Services works to preserve the values and quality of life for rural Arkansans through a variety of grants, which include:

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Projects NOT eligible for funding consideration under the Rural Community Grant Program and Rural Block Grant Program include, but are not limited to:

  • Municipal buildings (courthouses, city halls, police stations, sheriff’s offices, and city or county jails)
  • Cemetery and other facility fencing and maintenance
  • Chatting and paving of driveways and parking lots
  • Fairground and rodeo construction owned by incorporated associations
  • Costs associated with normal day-to-day operations or maintenance
  • Debt financing of any type (new or existing). Debt financing is defined for the purpose of this program as reimbursement of new or existing loans, loan payments, or reimbursement for equipment, facilities, labor, or property already purchased or constructed
  • Training, travel, or other personnel-related expenses
  • Contingency fees
  • County health units
  • Schools
  • Transfer stations
  • Water projects
  • Elections
  • Private, non-profit associations