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  • Do you see growth opportunities in global markets?
  • Are you selling reactively rather than taking a proactive approach to international markets?
  • Do you want to develop a strategic exporting plan for your next phase of growth?

How ExporTech™ Works

The program combines group workshops with individual coaching for each company, leading to an export plan in just 12 weeks. The peer group model, limited to leaders from 4-8 companies, maximizes impact and propels action.


The innovative customized workshops help companies extract the specific information they need. The program builds connections to a team of export organizations that help participating companies go-to-market and implement their export growth plans. ExporTech™ amplifies the impact of other export programs, helping companies get the most out of tradeshows, Gold Key services, country visits and trade missions.

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Benefits From ExporTech™

ExporTech™ is an intensive process delivering concrete benefits beyond traditional export education and training. Companies that have gone through the ExporTech™ program report significant impacts to their bottom lines:

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Why Should You Participate?

The program is intended for executives of small and mid-size product companies, and is aimed at both new-to-export companies and those that have done some exporting, but have not fully exploited global opportunities.

This program offers concrete benefits that go beyond most international business and exporting courses:

The content is customized to the specific learning needs of participants

The program delivers an “account team” of resources for each company that helps them rapidly move from planning to actual sales and payment

The international strategies and success factors covered are based on real-world company research

Speed to market is accelerated, as a robust plan is developed in three months, and actual leads and sales follow soon thereafter

Quantifiable cost savings are achieved as participants efficiently connect with reputable resources, receiving consultations that would normally cost thousands of dollars to obtain on their own and radically reducing the overhead required to find qualified assistance

Chances for success are higher, with a vetted international growth plan and the right resources behind each company


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It (ExporTech) provided us a means to develop a practical and mature business plan that was peer-reviewed. This allowed us to fill any gaps in the plan.

William Burgess

William Burgess – Power Technology

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