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Core Value Assessment

#1 Best-Selling System for Building Strong, Valuable Companies.

Think of your business as an engine. CoreValue measures the ability of this engine to generate future revenue and profit. Understand the operational strength and value of a business. See what a company could be worth if it operated like its strongest peers.

CoreValue Software

Manufacturing Solutions has partnered with CoreValue Software to help you understand the true worth of your business.

  • Do you really know what your business is worth?
  • Are you thinking about selling or transferring your business?
  • What should you do to prepare for selling your business?
  • How can you be sure you will get what your business is worth in a sale for transfer?

Studies show that 70 percent of business owners are minimally, if at all, prepared to sell or transfer their business. Worse is 95 percent of mergers and acquisitions professionals believe  the single biggest obstacles to the sale or transfer of a business is the owner’s unrealistic expectations of their company’s value and operational, or market issues.

Overcome these obstacles by gaining a better understanding your company’s engine. The value of your engine depends on its ability to dependably generate revenue and profit well into the future.

More About CoreValues

CoreValue Software was developed and vetted among leading academic and industry specialist, with 10-plus years of market testing. Based on a framework of 18 value drivers, specially designed algorithms will measure the gears of your business engine. The end result is a true assessment of your business that allows you to review all options and opportunities.

How AEDC-MS Can Help?

AEDC-MS has delivered more Operational Excellence assistance than any other organization in the state. We use a people-oriented approach that empowers teams to take action, achieve improvements and minimize capital investment. Operational Excellence services are the best way to utilize a company’s most valuable resource, its people. We tailor projects to meet your needs and encourage your input and involvement to ensure your team is satisfied.

  • Know your business value and what it could be

  • Understand why there’s a gap and what’s behind it

  • See how you compare to your peers

  • Uncover any threats to your success

How Can You Get Started?

Contact AEDC-MS with a question or give us a call to setup a time to discuss your process improvement needs. For general information about our Operational Excellence services, please contact AEDC-MS at 501-683-4410, or via email.


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