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Arkansas Economic Development Commission Manufacturing Solutions (AEDC-MS) was established in 1995 and is a program of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. AEDC-MS is an affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

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Mission - Vision

Maximize enterprise value for manufacturers through Innovation, Operational Excellence, Sustainability and Leadership Development.

To be the preferred partner and trusted advisor serving Arkansas manufacturers that pursue excellence and growth.

The following core values underlie Manufacturing Solutions’ decisions and behaviors:

  • Continuous Learning

  • Continuous Innovation

  • Continuous Improvement

  • State of Manufacturing

Globalization, technology and an ever-changing world create significant challenges and opportunities for Arkansas’s 4,500 manufacturers. To succeed, change and innovation are necessary. Manufacturing drives Arkansas’s economy, contributing 18% of the state’s gross domestic product and employing 204,000, jobs paying good wages and benefits. Arkansas’s exports surged to a record $3.5 billion in 2004. Manufacturing in Arkansas has a greater impact on the economy than any other economic sector. For every $1 in manufactured an additional $1.43 worth of additional economic activity is generated. Technology and knowledge drive manufacturing: the opportunities are there.

Training and Consulting Solutions

Since 1995, Manufacturing Solutions’ industry experts have used their many years of experience to offer solutions and deliver results in all areas of manufacturing. Manufacturing Solutions provides hands-on business and technical assistance to make Arkansas’ industries more competitive. We accomplish this through our dedicated team of industry specialists. Our manufacturing specialists bring years of private industry experience implementing best practices. Our backgrounds are varied and strong. Manufacturing Solutions provides project assistance in Growth & Innovation, Operational Excellence,  Leadership Development, Six Sigma, Environmental Health and Safety, and Information Technology.


Manufacturing Solutions’ goals are the bottom-line results for your business. The impact of our work with you is measured quarterly and yearly. We consistently receive high customer satisfaction ratings, while achieving a return on investment that ranks AEDC-MS as one of the top MEP centers in the US. Customers receiving assistance are surveyed by an outside third party, Synovate, to determine the impact of our work on bottom line profitability. Synovate, one of the world’s top ten market research firms, conducts the survey on behalf of Manufacturing Solutions. Manufacturing Solutions trains and consults with more than 200 Arkansas manufacturers each year.

Over The Past 5 Years Alone, Manufacturing Solutions Has Helped Arkansas Manufacturers:

  • $836 Million in increased and retained sales

  • $16 Million in cost savings

  • $152 Million in client capital investment

  • 7,166 jobs created and retained.
    (Survey period: Combined Past 5 years)

Strategic Partners

Manufacturing Solutions works closely with many public and private organizations to bring world-class resources to Arkansas manufacturers. AEDC-MS has formal partnership agreements with four state universities, the state economic development agency a non-profit quality organization. In addition, we work with community colleges and local economic development organizations to ensure local resources are utilized in delivering assistance to manufacturers. We also team with some of the largest manufacturers to improve the performance of Arkansas suppliers and keep jobs and dollars in Arkansas. AEDC-MS is also able to leverage the expertise of a field of 2,000 manufacturing advisors from over 400 MEP Centers.

Office Locations

We like to be close to our projects. Our industry experts are located close to industry various offices.


Central Office
Arkansas Economic
Development Commission
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