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Managing For Continuous Improvement (MCI)

Have you ever found yourself asking:

  • How do we keep improvement going?
  • How do we train our staff without taking our plant offline?
  • How do we align our organization so that daily improvements move us toward strategic goals?
  • How can we work to develop solutions scientifically, instead of trying to implement preconceived solutions?

What is MCI?

Our Managing for Continuous Improvement (MCI) program will provide you with an opportunity to learn world class business transformational methodologies, on your own terms and in your own time.  By scheduling one 8 hour module per month over a 5 month period, the components of the program will prepare you to transition to a more thoughtful and “purpose driven” approach to managing your company’s continuous improvement efforts.

MCI is systematic and scientific problem solving routines and training that address challenges and opportunities in areas such as:

Process: Quality, Cost and Delivery

Communication: Accurate, Complete and Timely

People: Safety, Environment and Morale

You Will Learn From This Course

  • Module OneEngaged Leadership, establishes a focus that involves everyone within the workforce organization and clarifies your role in developing the skills required to mentor organizational improvement efforts.
  • Module TwoPrinciples of Lean, utilizes lecture and simulation to provide a fundamental understanding of the definition of Lean, the 8 Wastes and the 15 Tools.
  • Module Three Value Stream Mapping, creates a detailed understanding, by all involved, of the current value proposition in order to achieve consensus and imagine a future state direction.
  • Module FourToyota Kata, is a simple, scientific and systematic 4-step daily improvement methodology that ensures working on the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.
  • Module FiveTraining Within Industry Job Instruction, utilizes a simple breakdown sheet to establish a standard way to complete a task and a 4-step method for training all involved to do so safely, correctly and conscientiously
  • Module SixOn Site Assistance, one day in support of company’s continuous improvement efforts by providing one-on-one coaching and assessing to help identify improvement opportunities.

Who Should Attend

CEO’s Managers, Supervisors, Technical Managers, Operators, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers, Quality Coordinators, Mechanics, Lean Champions, Kaizen Facilitators, Team Leaders, anyone in your organization can benefit from this program. Continuous Improvement requires participation by all levels of an organization (i.e., Leadership, Management and Value Adders).